Porter Hall Studios and Facilities

The Department of Art is located in Porter Hall, a three-story building originally built in 1927 as Pittsburg State University’s original library. This complex of spacious classrooms, studios, and galleries affords students an environment for significant artistic learning opportunities both in emerging and traditional media. Porter Hall also contains two gallery spaces on the main floor, the Harry Krug and University Galleries, which feature rotating exhibits of work by national and international professional artists. The Second Floor Gallery features community-based art projects and student curated exhibitions. Artists whose work is exhibited in the gallery spaces travel to campus to give lectures or workshops and interact with our students to provide them with deeper insight and understanding of the art world.
  • Ceramics and Sculpture Studios
  • Drawing and Painting Studios
  • Digital Studio
  • Printmaking Studio
  • Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing Studio
  • Art Education Classrooms

The Ceramics Studio contains 12 pottery wheels and two high fire kilns to provide students with opportunities to investigate hand building and wheel throwing utilitarian objects, and gain an appreciation of the rich tradition in ceramics. The Sculpture Studio features two-story windows that flood the space with natural light, and is outfitted with a table saw and other tools necessary for fabricating three dimensional objects in a variety of media.

Ceramics and Sculpture Images
Ceramics 6 Ceramics 2 Ceramics 5
Ceramics 3 Ceramics 1 Ceramics 4

Porter Hall contains spacious drawing and painting studios flooded with natural light from two-story neo-gothic style windows. The Drawing Studio features 20+ drawing horses convertible for work seated or standing and the Painting Studio features 20+ easels and taborets. Both studios share a wealth of drawing props including plaster casts and figurative anatomical models for use in classes, and are mediated with a large monitor and Apple TV for demonstrations through both computer and iPad. As well, the studios includes flat files and lockers for storage of student work.

Drawing and Painting Studio Images
Drawing and Painting 7

Drawing and Painting 8

Drawing and Painting 9

Drawing and Painting 10
Drawing and Painting 2 Drawing and Painting 1 Drawing and Painting 3
Drawing and Painting 4 Drawing and Painting 6 Drawing and Painting 5

The Digital Studio features Mac computer stations equipped with Wacom CINTIQ monitors, full Adobe Creative Cloud and Corel Painter for 2-D digital creation, as well as 3-D modeling software, and various modes of output, from 3-D printing, ceramic Decal Printing, to medium and large format printing.

Digital Studio Images
Electronics Arts 7 Electronic Arts 4 Electronic Arts 5 Electronics Arts 1
Digital Studio Images
Electronic Arts 3 Electronics Arts 2 Electronics Arts 6


The Cat Jepson Letterpress Studio is equipped with three letterpress machines, as well as other materials used for different printmaking techniques. The studio is named to honor the passion, interest and commitment of Department of Art alumna, Cat Jepson. Ms. Jepson restored three antique letterpress units to functional and productive purpose for the department's printmaking studio. PSU Faculty provided the institutional support she required to pursue her unique passion through research funds made available from the Department of Graduate and Continuing Studies, and a summer internship at Skylab Letterpress in Kansas City. This type of opportunity for professional growth through personal passion is an excellent example of what our department seeks to offer for every student committed to a career in the arts.

Read more about Cat and her letterpress studio here: http://catjepson.blogspot.com

Printmaking Studio Images
Printmaking 9 Printmaking 6 Printmaking 8 Printmaking 7
Printmaking Studio Images
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Printmaking Studio Images
Printmaking 4

The third floor of Porter Hall features a large studio space for students to create three-dimensional work, including jewelry and larger metalworks. It offers multiple soldering stations and is fully equipped with metalsmithing hammers, anvils, and forming stakes for student use. This studio also has a 3D printer and a variety of power equipment and hand tools for fabricating pieces of wood, fiber, and many other materials suited to three-dimensional work.

Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing Studio Images
Jewelry Design 2 Jewelry Design 3 Jewelry Design 1

Art Education provides an outstanding opportunity for students to develop the necessary skills to be not only an artist, but also an art educator in the K-12 classroom. Students prepare for teaching through courses in art education, art history, studio art and education. Our teachers are prepared to teach at either the elementary or secondary level and most are employed shortly after graduation and certification. In addition to our Art Education classrooms, Porter Hall also contains the Art Connectors gallery, that features community-based work, giving Art Education students an opportunity to work on community art projects.

Art Education Classroom Images
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